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The RUAnalytic tool is a multimedia tool that allows researchers to make clips of audio files. Researchers can annotate clips they make and share with other researchers within the IJS Research Community. Researchers can also temporarily share their clips externally for the purposes of teaching and research with a special, temporary sharable URL. Complete the Application to Participate in the Institute of Jazz Studies (IJS) Research Community to apply for membership in the IJS Research Community..

As a member of the IJS Research Community, you can use the tool to create shortened clips and add commentary to lengthy oral history audio files to support and enhance learning and teaching jazz history as well as the social history of jazz musicians. The tool is limited to use by members of the Institute of Jazz Studies Research Community Portal.  Use of the RUAnalytic tool and all analytics created must be fully compliant with the IJS Research Community Code of Conduct.

There is a library of video tutorials for using the RUAnalytic available on YouTube.

These videos were designed creating analytic videos for a mathematics education portal. However, use of the tool will be the same for audio files from the Jazz Oral History Collection as it is for the mathematics videos. Tutorials specific for IJS audio files are coming soon.